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Year 9 Business Enterprise Event

Year 9 Business Enterise students showcased their products after months of intense research and development.

The event was part of the students Buiness coursework which involved the students developing and selling a product, as part of a business team. They then had to sell their products to other students making sure they could show a profit at the end of the event.

All the students that were involved in the event worked unbelievably hard to make sure that it was a success.  The students have so far sold items at a value of near £90, this however does not include some of the money for the photo frames which is due in tomorrow and also the car wash which will be collected when the service takes place which should push their total well over £100 which is an excellent amount to raise over one lunch time. 

Year 9 Tutors can you please congratulate them in form tomorrow they really were outstanding and a credit to the school. Also a special mention goes to James Johnson who was not part of the event but came along to give some the teams his support and ended up selling good on their behalf!!