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Students off to visit Westminster Palace

Four politically aware students are off to London to visit the Houses of Parliament. 4.45am this morning they boarded their London bound train, along with Headteacher David Baldwin and Year 9 Learning Coordinator Fraser Patrick. Their trip is made even more interesting due to a tube strike in London today, so getting across the capital should prove an extra challenge. Their visit to the Houses of Parliament has been made that little bit more special by local MP Mary Glindons help, as her office manager Christine Aird has organised for the party of six to watch PMQs (Prime Ministers Question Time) in the House of Commons Chamber at 10.30am. The students will also be taking a part tour of Parliament as well as visiting the Churchill War Rooms, before heading home later this afternoon.

10.00am - Photograph outside of Westminster Hall before a cup of tea with Mary Glindon, then a tour of Westminster Palace and PMQs.