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Well done Digital Leaders

On Tuesday, our six Senior Digital Leaders and two staff visited York to attend an Apple Education Event but this wasn’t like a usual training event – we had been especially invited to attend and were presenting at the conference, which was for teachers all over Northern England.   In preparation for this we received two days of training from Apple to ensure that we would be even more outstanding and understand the aims of the day.   During the event we explained our role within College, supported teachers create resources using a range of Apps, set up courses, evaluated the success of the event as well as creating their own digital diary. 

This was such a fantastic opportunity for all involved and the first time that students have presented at an Apple Education Event.

We were so excited to be guests at an Apple Event and get to work with them, this was an amazing opportunity.   The event was in the Royal Hotel in York, it was just amazing, such a pretty hotel with huge chandeliers. 

On the day itself we not only got to teach teachers what to do but we got to learn about new Apps and how to do some interesting stuff with the Apps we already use.  We now know how to create movies which also include photo stills as well as film.   Our next plan is to make a little movie about us, the Digital Leaders. 

It was really exciting meeting new people and more teachers.  Shay and Emma worked with Andrew an ADE and he spent so much time with us and was really interested in finding out about us.  

Jamie said that although he was there to help teacher learn he also learnt lots of new information himself. Miss Allan and Miss Hildreth were great also and they learnt new things as well.   It was really kind of them to take us.    

We had such a fantastic time and would have loved to spend more time there.   We can’t wait for our next event.

You can follow us on Twitter @cccdigileads Jamie, Tommy-Lee, Kabir, Shay, Brooke and Emma
Senior Digital Leaders