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Our Values’ Project

‘Our Values’ Intergenerational project has brought together young people from Churchill Community College, North Tyneside Libraries and North Tyneside Voda to work together on an innovative inter-generational project.

The young people and the adults have discussed, explored and shared ideas about communities, and what makes them work and what makes an ideal community and in this way identified values which are important to create a positive community.  A key part of the project has been to use visual media as a means of portraying which values are the most important to the group. The chosen values have provided a basis for the production of four short animations and four pull-up banners which will be displayed around local community venues.  Furthermore, a documentary has been made to accompany the project which will be released very soon

.“I have really enjoyed this project because it has made me think about people coming together and living in a community and thinking about other people in my community”  Stephen Year 7

“I’ve really enjoyed doing the project because I have met some people that have helped me understand what makes a happy community and I have also learned to work with people that I never knew before”.  “In my group I have worked with John and Julie and this has been really great. 

They have made me think about values from a different perspective”.  Autumn Year 7

“It’s been really great to something different in school.  I’ve enjoyed going to the library, YMCA and seeing the play.  Lewis Year 7I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and trying out new and exciting things, such as video and animation.  It’s been great working with Julie and Ian because I’ve just learned so much.  Jack Year 7