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Students Get Creative

Secondary school students have been helping their younger peers showcase their artistic talents. Churchill Community College invited their family of schools primary schools to collaborate in a week of creative activities as part of a Literary and Arts Festival.

The schools chose their own subject, centred on an arts and heritage theme to showcase to one another. Topics ranged from local events, such as the Hartley Pit Disaster, to international tragedies, such as the sinking of the Titanic.

Churchill headteacher David Baldwin said "This was a fantastic example of our children working together through the medium of art. "The work produced has been of an exceptional standard and has helped all of the children involved deepen their understanding of our heritage

."Hadrian Park Primary School decided to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic with help from North Tyneside Council's art development officer, Kevin Wallace. Pupils built four giant wicker funnels to represent the vessel. Pupils from Battle Hill Primary School explored the history of the Hartley Pit Disaster, writing moving poems, re-enacting scenes and building a pit whee l

.Studetns from Churchill Community College worked with Stephenson Memorial Primary School to perform a dance routine, "A Dance A Day". for parents and other children.

Stephenson Memeorial Primary School also spent the week devoting time to the Olympics, as did children at Denbigh Community Primary School, who created an enormous montage, entitled 'Bodies in Motion' based on the games.

The primarys schools involved are already planning what they will do for the festival next year.