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Shining Stars

"This week is a Golden Ticket week at Churchill Community College where students are awarded tickets for outstanding effort, commitment or work. Senior leaders and Learning Coordinators have also visited lessons to "catch" our students being outstanding and have awarded Churchill Star certificates to those who are going that extra mile to be the very best they can be. 

We are very proud of the students and achievements and would like to celebrate this with you.

Monday 20th June 2016

Kabir Hussain - Outstanding effort 
Chanelle Robinson - Always trying her hardest
Jessica Gillie - Outstanding knowledge of Spanish tenses
Maisie Dodds - Consistent hard work
Kayleigh Haley - always is enthusiastic and tries her best 
Emily Cowley - Consistently being outstanding
Tenzin Havelaar - Consistently outstanding effort 
Ellie Burdis, consistent hard work and completing her design in technology
Louise Jamieson - Consistently outstanding and always works really hard 
Neve Corbett - Always being outstanding and giving 100% 
Paige Brown for taking control of her group 
Chloe Booth for consistently outstanding effort and excellent attitude 
Emma Hester - Consistent hard work
Leah Harrison and Kaitlin Cannon - perfect attitude and effort
Chloe Georgeson and Chloe Booth - Excellent team work

Photo Gallery of Gold Star Winners

Tuesday 21st June 2016

Chloe Blackwell - Teamwork
Rosie Thompson - Excellent work all year
Carl McKenzie - Excellent effort and attitude
Lucy Williamson - Always works hard
Brooke Cotcher - Fantastic teamwork and effort
Harley Evans  -  Fantastic teamwork and effort
Abbey Lawson -  Fantastic teamwork and effort
Katie Dixon - Excellent effort and progress

Photo Gallery of Gold Star Winners

Thursday 23rd June 2016

Demi Taylor - Hard work
Kieran Summerson - Excellent attitude
Rebecca Gillender - Outstanding commitment
Katie McMahon - Working really hard
Bethany Bell  - Working really hard
Rachael Carr - Outstanding effort
Sean Young - Excellent effort in Maths
Sibgha Amin - Commitment and effort
Jamie Brown - Positivity and effort
Eleanor Howe - Working really hard in maths
Adam Foster - Improved work rate and effort
Alice Turnbull - Continuous effort and hard work
Leanne Lyddon Oxnard - Fantastic work in music
Megan Thompson - outstanding effort
Lewis Anderson - for being an absolute champ
Jack Powell - Effort, behaviour and hard work
Jack Watson - fantastic student
Neve Corbett - Consistently hard work
Lewis Ransome - hard work and effort
Tenzin Havelaar - Outstanding work with HTML coding
Ellie Wright - consistently hard work
Anthony Maw - helping others
John Waddle - consistently getting it right

Phot Gallery of Gold Star Winners

Friday 24th June 2016

Lewis Edgar - hard work and progress
Chris Martin - perseverance
Ross Fulthorpe - determination
Finlay Martin - Independently working and applying himself
Mya Owens - Most helpful
Owen Sowerby - Innovative ideas
Robert Edgar - Resilience
Laurie Greaves - An outstanding controlled assignment
Ellis Train - Consistent effort
Katie Dixon - Consistent effort
Elise Elsy - Consistent hard work
Jamie Waton - outstanding effort
Jack Raffle - outstanding effort and hard work

Photo Gallery of Gold Star Winners