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(Elisha is pictured front left kneeling)

Churchill Community College student Elisha Tait was part of the TIP, representing the College after being nominated for her OUTSTANDING passion and commitment as a Sports Leader. Running in parallel to the Sainsbury's School Games, the Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP) will bring together 200 young aspiring athletes from across the country to participate in a three-day residential learning experience in Manchester.

With young people at the heart of the programme, the activities are specifically designed to engage and inspire young aspiring athletes and encourage them to start thinking about how they can reach their sporting potential and the impact that will have on their development as a young person. Consisting of theoretical workshops, practical sessions and the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an athlete at a top event, TIP will be a dynamic learning opportunity which will help to highlight the talent pathways available and support required for young athletes at a local level.

Lead by four Athlete Mentors who will bring to life the world of an elite athlete and the journey it takes to reach the top, TIP athletes will have the opportunity to: • Participate in stimulating and engaging workshops

• Hear the personal journeys of elite athletes
• Learn from like-minded young athletes from across the country
• Try out exciting new sports and test their skills
• Experience what it is like to be an athlete at the Level 4 event
• Action plan to reach their sporting potential
• Understand what it means to be a TIP Champion and the impact they can have at school