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Churchill Singing Group Perform at The Stadium of Light.

A random email to all schools landed on the desktop of Mr Swan and he decided to bite the bullet and go for it. The email was from Ellie Geddes, Events Manager of Schools NorthEast Trading Ltd. The idea was for schools to apply to perform at a formal dinner hosted at The Stadium of Light, Sunderland. Schools had to send a recording of their group and the lucky ones would get the chance to perform at this event.

It was a mixture of excitement and dread when we were the chosen ones. We knew we would have to work hard to be perfect.

At the Schools North East Patron's Dinner at The Stadium of Light on the evening of 16th March. Guests were welcomed to the event by the soulful sound of the Churchill Community College Singers.

This was the first time ever that this group of students aged from 11 to 17 have performed in a public arena. The audience of 200+ were silent throughout the six songs and the applause after each number was very deafening.

Mr Swan led the group through a repertoire that consisted of current chart hits, musical theatre, 60s classics and crowd favourites.

“The students have worked hard over the last few weeks to get the harmonies just right”, said Mr Swan, “and tonight was the just reward for all that hard work. I am so proud of the effort and commitment from these young people”

“It gave me loads of confidence and just want to perform every night”, Madison Pearce - Year 11

“Over all it was a tremendous experience for these students and we look forward to our next performance with a great deal of confidence and excitement”, finished Mr Swan