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Pilot aims to get youngsters on track for successful career

Teenagers studying for their GCSEs are faced with a baffling host of decisions to make about their future career.

Would A-Levels be a better bet than an apprenticeship? Is university the best option and if so, which one? Which degrees are available and which one would be the most appropriate?

Faced with these life-changing choices, it’s not surprising that youngsters need a helping hand from people who have been through the experience. But it appears that the provision of careers advice for schoolchildren is not bringing about the desired results.

One-in-10 adults regret basing study choices on careers advice they received at school, a YouGov poll showed. A separate survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) revealed that one third of UK employees are disappointed with their career progression, with poor quality careers advice at school and poor line management at work to blame.

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