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Parents/carers visit Churchill in their hundreds

Churchill's Very Successful Year 6 Opening Evening

Churchill had a very successful Opening Evening last night for Y6 students and their parents who are deciding which secondary school to apply for next September. Thank you so much if you are amongst the 420+ visitors who joined us for our evening. 

The feedback from parents was excellent, including comments such as:

'Lovely evening. Your students have been a credit to you tonight. They all looked very smart, had very good manners and told us how much they like Churchill.'

'We really enjoyed our visit. The activities were great, especially in the the Art and Maths departments. All the staff have been very nice.'

'I have already sent the form in to the council with Churchill as our only choice but tonight was great. My son is very excited to come here. Just hoping he gets in.'

'Very impressed with the students and their uniform and how helpful they all were. A girl in Y7 told us she absolutely loves coming to Churchill. The food was very nice- school dinners have come a long way since I was at school.'

'Fantastic students and staff. Everyone really helpful. We've put our form in already. All of our questions were asked and answered.

Churchill is full in Y7 currently and we will have 190 places for next September. Please make sure you return your form to North Tyneside Council by 28th October 2016. You must do it on-line. They do not send you a form home. If you are late submitting the form you will not be considered until all the ones that went in on time have been allocated.

Thank again for your support last night in making our Open Evening such a success.