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Our improvement from Good to Outstanding has seen Teaching & Learning at our core, recently being awarded with “Outstanding Regional School Team of the Year” and shortlisted nationally for “Outstanding School Team of the Year.”

The quality and consistency of homework is an element of Teaching & Learning we’ve really focused on. In 2012, we had an inconsistent approach to homework, with little tracking and monitoring of how much was being set, or by whom. Since implementing Show My Homework (SMHW) in September 2012, we’ve been able to address these issues by:

1.  Ensuring staff can access and navigate the site through CPD sessions, and students through tutor time and assemblies.

2. Outlining clear expectations about the amount and type of homework set. Each teacher and department has an ‘expected’ amount, and students do too. Year 7-8 homework follows a   timetable, whereas Years 9-13 have it set weekly, with flexibility depending on the task and    subject area. This made Course Leaders’ (CLs) tracking much easier.

3. Monitoring what is being set, against what should be set, using SMHW’s ‘Homework Reports’. Where there were discrepancies, CLs could easily take action.

4. Engaging and informing parents has also been one of SMHW’s successes. We created a help sheet with a guide about how parents can find their child’s timetables with class codes.  Homework is also a regular for governors’ meetings and parent forums.

5.  Sharing outstanding homework via Facebook and the school’s website to recognise the improved quality. We’d also like to establish ‘Homework of the Month’ and a homework specific page on the school’s website.

6. Planning to introduce SMHW to feeder schools to allow a smooth transition for new starters in Year 7. SMHW allows students to view how lessons and assessments progress over time, providing a permanent record of information that can be reviewed during exam periods. From this, students have developed good habits from earlier years and use the system in an efficient manner to access resources, contributing towards student progress over time.

Departmental views:

“Show My Homework has supported the Flipped Learning Model by enabling us to set and share Homework with students in a clear, easy manner.” “We can get creative with homework, using videos to support, along with videos of students themselves for peer and self-assessment.” “Students can complete the homework that most appeals to them with the Differentiated Homework feature, or individual students can be targeted.”