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Churchill to Support Norham High School

As you are all aware, at Churchill we believe that every single child matters and deserves the very best education. By ‘every child’ we mean our children at Churchill, across North Tyneside and wider than that. That is the reason we became a teaching school so that we can contribute to supporting other schools and helping them to improve their provision and outcomes for children.

For two and a half years Churchill has supported South Shields Community School until it was in a position to appoint its own headteacher. David Baldwin has been Executive Headteacher at South Shields Community School three days a week with Elaine Riley working as Head of School at Churchill for that time. During this period South Shields Community School which had been designated as requiring significant support by South Tyneside local authority was graded good by OfSTED and Churchill has been graded as outstanding by OfSTED.  South Shields now have been able to appoint their own headteacher who will be in post from September 2015 and we leave the school in a much stronger position following our work together.

North Tyneside Council have now asked Churchill to provide that support for Norham High School moving forwards. The support will be of a similar nature, with David Baldwin acting as Executive Headteacher and Elaine Riley continuing in post at Churchill as Head of School. Churchill will provide support to Norham in our role as a teaching school to help improve standards across the school and outcomes for children.  We have the capacity to do this and really want to help make that difference for the children at Norham and help the school on its journey to a much stronger position. We are looking forward to working together with the staff, students, parents and governors at Norham to do so.