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International Womens Day

Hannah Todd, Gemma Annan, Holly Payne, Megan Ormand, Autumn Atkinson and Jade Preston attended the annual International Womens Day organised by the North Tyneside Youth Participation Team. International Womens day is marked on 8th March and the conference celebrates women’s political, economic and social achievement. Indeed attending the conference this year was Norma Redfearn elected Mayor of North Tyneside who gave an inspirational and motivational speech all about women not conforming to stereotypes, being their own person and knowing their own mind.

The young people from Churchill took part in a workshop to develop STEM, particularly, to encourage young females to explore opportunities in this area. They made suggestions centered around a STEM career strategy that spans primary and secondary education. Indeed, the young people felt passionately that STEM should begin at primary level with a particular focus on women STEM careers. In this way when young women are choosing their options they will have already encountered positive role models in STEM subjects.