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Friendship Games 2013

Every two years the Friendship Games are contested between the twinned towns of North Tyneside. This year's games were held in Pniewy, Poland and North Tyneside competed against the host town along with representatives from Slovenia, France and Germany. The North Tyneside team consisted of ten students from Churchill Community College as well as a selection of students from other schools and colleges in the borough who are part of the Streetgames volunteer group.

The games consisted of a range of activities where the team had to demonstrate a range of physical, social and communication skills to complete the task in the quickest time possible. The group also delivered a presentation that highlighted the impact young people can have on their community.

Although North Tyneside did not win the games the group did themselves and their country proud! The trip was a huge success and the organisers commented on the group's outstanding presentation and how all members of embraced the spirit of the games.