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Food Standards

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School Food has standards it's a fact. We only use the freshest quality ingredients.


Free School Meals

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You could save up to 190 hours a year, which is the time needed to make packed lunches.



We don't need to tell you how good the catering at Churchill Community College is, this is what the students say:

  • "There is so much variety everyday". David - Year 7
  • "I love the Fresh Deli Sandwiches". Sophie - Year 9
  • "Meal of the Day is great value". Callum - Year 10
  • "The Rice and Spice is lush". Chantel - Year 8
  • "I love the Pasta Bar, I get one everyday". James - Year 12
  • "It's not an ordinary canteen, and the foods nice". Alex - Year 7
  • "The new seating is like Starbucks". Megan - Year 9
  • "Plasma TV's and brand new furniture". Scott - Year 13
  • "The staff are lovely and the food is great". Emily - Year 7
  • "The food is fresh and really tasty". Rebecca - Year 10
  • "We offer the students a huge variety of healthy, well balanced meals at fantastic prices". David Baldwin - Headteacher

Price Increase

From September 2016 the price of the set 2 course school lunch is being increased from £2.08 to £2.10 per day.  The main High School price list has also been reviewed and prices increased accordingly.


This price increase will take effect after the summer holiday from the first day back at school in September.