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Amazing Pieces of Work!

Norma Redfearn the Elected Mayor of North Tyneside was invited to open the new garden at Hadrian Park Primary School. Churchill Community College was approached by Hadrian Park Primary School about creating two memorable pieces of artwork for their new community garden.

A range of students from years 9, 10 and 11 participated in creating a large clay mosaic with the help of year 5 students from Hadrian Park Primary School. The clay piece was made step by step, each student taking great pride in their work by making sure it was created to the highest standard. Once we’d fired the clay we added a beautiful range of colours to the piece by adding a mosaic centre and a range of glazed/oxide areas.  

Our year 9 students worked to a brief set in their BTEC art class enlisting their help to create a huge wall mural that would be displayed in the garden for all students and staff to see. They each created their own range of ideas then merged them together to produce one final design which they later painted on the side of the large metal container. Each student worked their hardest within the time given to complete this beautiful work of art on time!