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From Bolton to Wallsend

We were delighted to welcome some Year 7 students and staff from Essa Academy, Bolton to Churchill Community College and the North East. We were also joined by Year 4 students from Battle Hill Primary School.

Both schools have formed a strong partnership supporting and advising each other on a range of key matters, in particular the use of mobile technology to support learning, leadership and cultural experiences.  This has proved to be an outstanding relationship as students and staff from each school have learnt so much from each other and built new friendships.

The aim of this visit was to participate in a range of challenges which involved students exploring this area, learning about each other, having fun and building new friendships.

Our theme for the day was the seaside, with students working together in cross school groups in order to build new relationships and take part in a range of challenges.  One of the most successful parts of the day was a visit to Longsands Beach where our young people participated in team games organised by our Year 10 Sports Leaders and enjoyed the fine weather.    On our return to College, everyone participated in the final challenge of the day which involved problem solving.  This activity was created by Shay, one of our Year 7 Digital Leaders and students had to think about the importance of food as part of a humanitarian aid effort and how it reached crisis hit areas.

Design a package which would both protect and transport the food parcel safely to the people living in the crisis hit area.  Students were creative, imaginative and resourceful when completing this with all of the young people working together.  

The ended with a presentation to our visitors with everyone involved having thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Challenges met and new friendships made.

We look forward to further work between all schools.

See the pictures of the day