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Year 10 visit Cambridge

After a start and a relatively pain free journey by bus, we arrived at Jesus college Cambridge. We were introduced to our groups for the visit and shown to our very plush en-suite rooms by our ambassadors (Cambridge students) there was a brief 'getting to know you' ice breakers and then an introduction to the agenda. The students were split into small groups and taken to their lectures.

These included sciences and the arts depending on student preference. All the professors who teach at Cambridge are at the top of their field in research and the academic standards are world class. There were a multiple choice of taster sessions in linguistics, development studies and chemistry and all students got to visit each one over the course of the two day visit. The students were really given a taste of university life and thinking about top universities. Students were also offered workshops on choosing a university, how to apply and what to expect from university such as what support is available, both pastoral and financial, career choices and what student life is actually like. After dinner and more taster sessions the students were given free time where they played frisby etc,on the beautiful lawns in the sunshine. The next day we finished our taster sessions and each group went on a mini tour of Cambridge to visit one of the other colleges.

Some students thoughts on the visit:

" When we visited Cambridge, I found that it was a brilliant university and it is definitely a place that I could see myself attending in the next few years. When we arrived, we were put into groups full of people who we had never met before, which was slightly nerve-racking. Once we had seen our rooms,we were given a taster lecture in Biology. It was interesting to see how much of the lecture included the GCSE work that we had been doing over the past year. We also had a lecture in linguistics. After this, we visited a Chemistry seminar. As well as Chemistry, we had a seminar

in development studies and talks with our leaders who told us what the application process is like. Apart from the academic side, we got to see what the social aspect of Cambridge was like. This was in the form of a tour of Cambridge and a visit to Fitzwilliam college. It was much more modern than Jesus college where we stayed. Overall, the visit was really fun and provided a good insight into what Cambridge life would be like.

Jack Wilding In June we visited Jesus College in Cambridge. On the visit we had a chance to see what it’s like to be a Cambridge student. On the first day we were put into group with lots of new people before being given a tour. The grounds at Jesus College were beautiful and I would love to live there while studying. We took part in some lectures and seminars during out stay. The lecture we were given about life in Rwanda was my favourite because it was very interesting to learn about a different culture. We stayed over in the student dorms, which were very nice, and found out that cleaners clean the student’s room for them. On the second day we walked through Cambridge and visited Fitzwilliam’s College. The town was very pretty and I would definitely enjoy life there during university. The visit made me realise that it’s possible for anybody to get into Cambridge if they really want to and work hard enough.

Elisha Tait The year 10 students who visited Cambridge were on the whole inspired by their time there and felt that it was certainly not an unattainable goal.  I was very proud of our students and felt privileged to be there with them and know that they will be the future leaders in their chosen field