Trax Resources:

At Trax base we have excellent facilities:


Trax's first Christmas card. This artwork has been inspired by the Catalan artist Miró.

Students who attend Trax are given opportunities to express
themselves through art.



At Trax we also create art together to develop friendship skills, the enjoyment of art and teamwork.

We have one or two budding Piccaso's.


Bread buns hot out of the oven.

Cookery is always a favourite activity with all of our students.

While working together we not only learn how to make bread but have time to chat and talk and usually we are very happy with the results and so are our parents and carers!


In the afternoon we concentrate on practising our social skills. This also means learning how to congratulate and appreciate each other's efforts.

We were all very impressed with David's warrior in a textile session and so was he!