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Wallsend head teacher supports roll out of National Citizen Service youth programme following Queen’s Speech

A local Headteacher from Wallsend has spoken out in support of an announcement made in yesterday’s Queen’s Speech that relayed a vison for every teenager in the country to be able to take part in the National Citizen Service youth empowerment programme, which currently runs across North Tyneside.

David Baldwin from Churchill Community College is supporting the government’s commitment to helping the programme continue to grow and is encouraging schools across North Tyneside and Newcastle upon Tyne to recommend it to their students this summer following the impacts the school has seen in its students after taking part. The programme, open to all 15-17 year olds, widens horizons by helping young people build lasting friendships that bridge social divides and grow their aspirations by developing crucial skills for work and life.

NCS Trust, the independent social enterprise that manages NCS, has a vision for NCS to be a national institution and a normal part of growing up in our country. The Trust will be working closely with the Government in the coming months to use the opportunity of the NCS Bill to achieve this vision. The Bill will help to make it easy to sign up and take part in NCS. This may include a more active role for secondary schools and councils in promoting NCS, ensuring that NCS achieves a representative social mix, and particularly reaches the most disadvantaged.

Churchill Community College has supported NCS since the programme was introduced. 28 pupils have signed up for this summer’s programme so far, which means that the school has retained its NCS champion school status, which is awarded to schools in which 25% or more of a year 11 group take part.

The school is one of many in North East that support the programme.

In support of the roll out of the programme David Baldwin, Head teacher of Churchill Community College, says: “We’ve promoted NCS to our students for several years now and recognise the enormous opportunity it offers young people to develop skills outside of the classroom, meet new people from different backgrounds to their own and realise their potential. We notice a huge transformation in our students when they return from the programme; they’re often more mature, more confident and most importantly, are ready to take control of their futures. Schools are continually stretched but as NCS is run externally and takes place outside of term the resource required internally is very small. I would definitely encourage other schools to get behind the programme.”

Over 200,000 young people have already taken part in the programme to date. In the past two years alone, NCS participants have given an incredible eight million hours to improve their communities.

Michael Lynas, CEO of NCS Trust said:

“The Queen’s Speech announcement is a very exciting moment in NCS’s history. Our vision is for NCS to be a national institution available to every teenager in our country and the NCS Bill will help to make this a reality. By 2020, we want the majority of our teenagers to be taking part in NCS. This will help give the next generation the skills they need to get ahead in life and work, build friendships across social divides, and connect young people to their power to make a difference to society.

“NCS is a national platform that is delivered locally by our partner network of over three hundred charities and youth organisations. Today’s announcement is a great boost to all our partners and others who will join us as we grow the impact and reach of NCS.

We are looking forward to working with Government on the detail of the NCS Bill to make sure we take full advantage of this significant moment, as we create a new rite of passage to bring our country together and invest in our future.”

NCS widens horizons by helping young people build lasting friendships that bridge social divides and grow their aspirations by developing crucial skills for work and life. The programme takes place across England and Northern Ireland, outside of term time, and is open to all 15-17 year olds for no more than £50.

For more information on NCS, please visit or call 0191 247 4020.