Governing Body Committees

The committees

The Governing body has a range of committees to help it carries out its functions as follows:

  • * Achievement
  • * Finance and Staffing
  • * Teaching and Leadership
  • * Safeguarding and Facilities

Other committees such as Admissions, Pupil Discipline and Performance Management are convened as and when required.  In addition the Governance Steering Group meets before each Governing body meeting as appropriate and the Chair is Tracey Booth.

Current Committee Membership:

Achievement - Terms of Reference

Andrew Sugden (Committee Chair) Alison Anderson
David Baldwin (Headteacher) Elaine Riley
Jacqui Walker Audrey Peebles
Lindsey Adams Gillian Allen

Finance and Staffing - Term of Reference

Vivianne Buller (Committee Chair) Jennifer Bruce
Elaine Riley Gillian Allen
Lindsey Adams Lynn Brown
Lowri Clasper David Baldwin (Headteacher)

Teaching and Leadership - Term of Reference

Lowri Clasper (Committee Chair) Richard Ludlow
Elaine Riley Jennifer Bruce
Alison Anderson Vivianne Buller
David Baldwin Gilliian Allen
Audrey Peebles Marc Lennox

Safeguarding and Facilities - Term of Reference

Gill Wilson (Committee Chair) Audrey Peebles
David Baldwin Jennifer Bruce
Gillian Allen Simon Battensby


Audrey Peebles Tracey Booth
Elaine Riley  

Pupil Discipline

Gill Wilson Audrey Peebles
Vivianne Buller  

Performance Management (statutory Committee)

Alison Anderson Gill Wilson
Audrey Peebles Vivianne Buller

Governance Steering Team

Chair of Governing Body and Chairs of Committees

  • Staffing Appointments – any available Governors as per the Standing Orders, Headteacher/ Chair to convene as appropriate

  • For Hearings and Appeals - three Governors will be selected as and when required, dependent upon availability/no prior knowledge of the specific issue.  Staff Governors would not be eligible and the Headteacher would not be eligible when he/she was the subject of a disciplinary procedure.

Link Area
Staff Contact
Alison Anderson
Marie Jobson
Tracey Booth
Gillian Allen
Heakth & Safety
Gill Wilson
Stephen Boundey
Jacqui Walker
Kate Christie
Vivianne Buller
Craig Orwin
Pupil Premium
Andrew Sugden
Elaine Riley
SEN/Child Protection/CLA/
Young Carers/Safeguarding
Gill Wilson
Lucy Roderick
Gillian Allen
Sixth Form
Alison Anderson
Marie Jobson
Sports College
Audrey Peebles
Lucy Roderick
Teaching School
Marc Lennox
Elaine Riley
Lindsey Adams
Jennifer Bruce


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